Menu littering is a huge problem in New York City. The increasingly competitive takeout and delivery industry hires their delivery employees during off hours to foist menus under the doors of apartment dwellers. It is now routine to come home to a pile of duplicate menus on my door mat -- not only annoying but a total waste of paper. Moreover, buildings routinely get fined by the city's department of sanitation if the menus are left near the front door of the building.

After a failed attempt by City Council member Simcha Felder to pass legislation banning the practice and suggesting a $50 fine, I've decided to start promoting my own solution: a simple bumper sticker that uses a helpful diagram to warn trespassers that fingers will be crushed if menus are put under the door. This has actually made a huge difference in reducing the number of menus arriving at my house.

I do not wish delivery people any harm -- I just loathe that their employers make them litter on other people's property!



Includes translations in Spanish, Greek, Chinese and Japanese


12" x 3" High Quality Vinyl Plastic Door Sticker
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